"The value of a University education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think." Albert Einstein

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Regent University College of Science and Technology is home to a diverse and vibrant group of scholars, staff and students dedicated to excellence in teaching, learning, research, and service to community and society. The Faculty comprises of the Department of Psychology and Human Development, Department of Theology and Ministry, Centre for Studies in African Development and Regent Institute of Languages and General Studies.

We offer two major undergraduate programmes, BSc. Psychology and Human Development and BSc. Theology with Management. Students in our faculty acquire important work-related skills such as: data analysis techniques, research methods, critical thinking, pastoral care, guidance and counselling, working collaboratively to solve problems, persuasive speaking, and personal spiritual development. Our graduates gain the theoretical and practical knowledge to live an informed life, improve their communities, and make the world a better place. We do this through:

  • clear and challenging learning outcomes
  • maximum student-to-faculty interaction and student-to-student interaction
  • an emphasis on cooperation between students
  • opportunities for active learning
  • respect for diverse talents and ways of learning
  • prompt feedback to the learner
  • high expectations for students

Many of our individual courses are in the form of seminars that encourage small group debates and discussions between lecturers and students. Our academic advisors and staff are experienced in the planning of programs tailored to student interests and needs.

I invite you to participate in the many opportunities offered by the Faculty of Arts and sciences.  If you have questions please contact us on +233 (0)302 972 850.

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