Programme Philosophy and Objectives

There is increasing interest in formal ministerial training in Ghana today, stemming from a growing recognition among Ghanaian church ministers that the pastor needs to be an expert in his career and area of his calling in order to be able to properly interpret the Bible and more skillfully management the fast growing congregations of various churches. Especially, the pastors of the fast growing Pentecostal and charismatic churches are beginning to appreciate the importance of a good academic preparation in the use of the scriptures and proper church administration. However, their church-based Bible Schools are not sufficiently equipped in terms of qualified human resource and adequate learning resources to provide them with the high level of training they need. It is obvious that the few existing seminaries and religious departments in Ghanaian universities cannot meet the increasing demand for proper ministerial training in the churches. It is for this reason that the Regent Divinity Department joins the other theological institutions in the country to support theological education by offering the Bachelor of Theology with Management. 

The objective of this programme is to deepen the minister's understanding and expression of Christian faith and to equip him or her with the managerial skills needed in managing the church. The programme is designed to equip present and prospective church leaders with solid theological foundation coupled with well-grounded people management skills. The BTh with Management degree requires 126 credit hours and a 10,000-word dissertation.


Career Goals

Graduates of this programme are well prepared to seek employment in Churches, chaplaincies in prisons and hospitals or teach religious studies in schools. They may also be able to pursue postgraduate studies in areas such as Religious Studies, social work, Counselling or Administration.


Admission Requirements

  1. SSSCE/WASSCE Certificate Holders: Must have credit passes in three (3) core subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science/Social Studies plus credit passes in three elective subjects, with at least an aggregate of 24/36 or better in the SSSCE/WASSCE.
  2. Recognised Diploma/ Certificate Holders (e.g. ABCE EET part I, II, & III, etc)
  3. Applicants with foundation stages of ACCA, ICA, CIMA, and other Professional Certifications.
  4. HND holders for top-up admission may be admitted to level 200 / 300


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