Dr. Evelyn Owusu

Head of Department

Dr. Evelyn Owusu




We are a multidisciplinary department devoted to understanding the nature of human development across the lifespan. The Department of Psychology addresses the biological, emotional, cognitive, and social factors that shape human behavioral development and the potential of research for enhancing development and well-being from infancy through old age in diverse social contexts. Through our teaching, research, and outreach programs, we promote the healthy development of children, adults, and their families throughout the nation. Human development is the study of how children, youth, adults, and families develop, change, and face challenges throughout the life span (childhood, adolescence, adulthood). An undergraduate degree in psychology and human development prepares for a successful career in a variety of human services and/or educational settings.


Mission Statement

The Department of Psychology undergraduate program exists to educate students about the major research findings and theories in the field of Psychology, Leadership, and Management, and to train them to use empirical approach for understanding human behavior.


Vision Statement

We aspire to produce and apply knowledge to train graduates that make a difference in the wider society by enhancing our strength and visibility as a nationally and internationally recognized program distinguished by our excellence in cross-disciplinary scholarship blending science with public engagement.


Values & Operating Principles

  • Faculty, staff, and students are committed to recognizing and achieving the richness of a diverse Psychology and Human Development Program.
  • We are committed to providing excellent undergraduate and graduate education for students that will prepare them to be successful leaders in academic, public policy, and human services-related professions.
  • We value both our undergraduate and our newly accredited graduate program and seek to have each enriched the other.
  • We are committed to producing and publishing high-quality research in the most respected outlets in our fields.
  • We are committed to extending high-quality research beyond the walls of the academy, beyond the borders of the state, and beyond the boundaries of the Ghana.
  • We are open to and respectful of disciplines, theories, content areas and methodologies not our own.
  • We recognize the importance and value of diverse empirical methods, and fully embrace both qualitative and quantitative approaches to data collection and analysis.
  • We value our relationships with our colleagues, staff, and students.
  • We believe in the strength of cross-disciplinarily.
  • We believe in a model of departmental citizenship where each person does his/her part to make the collective thrive.